AC R-1234YF Recharge in Campbell, CA

Air Conditioning R-1234YF Recharge in Campbell, CA

Welcome to Made in Japan/USA/Europe, the premier auto repair shop in Campbell. We are delighted to announce that our auto repair shop can now provide air conditioning recharge service using the new R-1234YF refrigerant. 

R-1234YF was developed to replace the older R-123a refrigerant which is considered unfriendly to the environment. The new refrigerant is vastly superior in this respect. Servicing cars with R-1234YF requires investment in new equipment, so very few independent auto repair shops offer R-1234YF service. 

At Made in Japan/USA/Europe we can offer full service recharging, testing, and repairs of R-1234YF ac systems. To further protect the environment, the equipment used for this service has different fittings to prevent cross-contamination between the old R-123a and the new system. New equipment also has on-board refrigerant identifier and it will not recover contaminated refrigerant.

One drawback of the new refrigerant is that it currently is much more expensive than the old one. This makes it particularly important to check for ac refrigerant leaks whenever you suspect that something might be amiss. We expect that as the production expands to meet the expanding demand, the cost of R-1234YF will eventually come down. If you are not sure if your car requires the new R-1234YF refrigerant, check owner’s manual. You may find it listed under a number of similar names: R-1234-YF, HFO1234YF, R1234YF, YF-1234, HFO-1234, YF1234 or HFO-1234-YF.

State of California requires that before auto air conditioning system is recharged, it must be tested for leaks, and any leaks need to be repaired. This prevents refrigerant from leaking into the atmosphere, and in the case of R-1234YF, is saves you a lot of money, since the refrigerant is very expensive. New R-1234YF machines will not recharge the a/c system if a leak is detected. 

At Made in Japan/USA/Europe we can offer air conditioning service and repairs for both old R-123a and the new R-1234YF systems. So when your vehicle’s air conditioning starts blowing warm air, or you suspect that something is amiss, bring it to our Campbell auto repair shop. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose any ac system problem your vehicle may exhibit, we will fix it, and recharge your vehicle’s ac system with the correct refrigerant – we are your one-stop Campbell auto air conditioning service and repair shop. 

When you visit Made in Japan/USA/Europe, you will not only be greeted by our friendly staff, but can also anticipate: 

  • Nationally ASE certified mechanics working on your vehicle
  • 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty
  • Local shuttle for your convenience
  • Same day service completion, in most cases

We offer convenient online appointments, or you can call us at the shop – we are happy to be of service. 

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