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Nissan to Include “Safety Shield 360” on Ten Models

Nissan recently announced that it will include its Safety Shield 360 ADAS features on ten models, including Nissan Leaf, Titan, Maxima, Kicks, Sentra, and Rogue Sport.

ADAS – advanced driving assistance systems – provides drivers with automatic safety features. Some of the features simply warn the driver of a potential danger, some automatically engage brakes to prevent or lower the severity of impending collision.

Nissan’s “Safety Shield 360” is a set of six ADAS features that are particularly important for driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. They include:

• Rear Cross Traffic Alert – when reversing out of a parking spot, the driver is warned about approaching vehicles

• Blind Spot Warning – assists the driver in noticing vehicles occupying blind spot areas

• Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection – this feature uses forward-facing radar and camera to track vehicles in front as well as pedestrians crossing the road. In addition to audible and visual warning signals, it can apply brakes to help avoid a collision, or reduce its severity

• Rear Automatic Braking – it helps to detect objects when backing up. Will automatically engage brakes to avoid collision.

• High Beam Assist – automatically switches to low beam when detects a vehicle in front. It will also automatically switch back to high beams when appropriate.

• Lane Departure Warning – alerts the driver when vehicle is drifting out of the current lane.

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