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Nissan Service and Repair

Made in Japan in Campbell specializes in maintenance services and repairs of Nissan vehicles. Whether you drive a fuel-efficient Nissan Versa or a Nissan Armada, our technicians have extensive Nissan service and repair experience and will take good care of your vehicle.  

If you want your Nissan to provide you with reliable transportation, regular services, including oil change and oil filter change are very important. Oil change extends engine life, and often during the service, we can spot other problems that may need to be addressed. 

So next time your Nissan is due for an oil change, or you suspect it may be facing a problem that requires professional attention, bring it to Made in Japan in Campbell.  We service all passengers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Nissan services and repairs performed at our Campbell facility carry 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. If your Nissan needs a bit of TLC, give us a call or make an online appointment.