Auto Repair in Los Gatos, CA

Los Gatos, CA

Spend any time in Los Gatos and you’re bound to see a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. That’s because Los Gatos is the 33rd wealthiest city in the United States – even though its population is just over 36,000. It’s a popular city amongst the silicon valley crowd and home to Netflix. Los Gatos was founded in the mid-1850s by James Alexander Forbes, with the construction of a flour mill. The name means cats in Spanish and stems from the mountain lions and bobcats that are native to the location. What was once a thriving agricultural area with an abundance of orchards, has become a cute little town nestled at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara County. Many people visit Los Gatos for its upscale boutiques and restaurants. We have been proudly providing the Los Gatos community with quality auto repair for over 30 years. Residents of this central location have many choices when it comes to automotive service, but they choose us time and time again, thanks to our honesty, integrity, and value.

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