Auto Repair in Campbell, CA

Campbell, CA

Campbell is the original home of eBay and the current home of over 40,000 bay area residents. It was originally founded in 1851 by Benjamin Campbell, for whom the city was named. However, it wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1951. The area originally began as orchard land, but that began to change as Campbell began to urbanize, and is currently the chosen home of a number of well-known companies, and startups.

Located in the southern portion of the Santa Clara Valley, Campbell has a historic downtown, where everyone from techies to families gather to enjoy a day of relaxation or a night of fun. It has a diverse community and rich political history.

We, at Made in Japan/USA/Europe have been proudly serving the residents and visitors to the city, for over 20 years. Campbell is a small town where your livelihood depends on your reputation. We provide honest, affordable auto repair – just ask around.

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