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Volkswagen Jetta is a very practical and popular vehicle. But like any mechanical device, it can have “off” years.

Here are 5 frequent Jetta owner complaints:
1) 2006 Jetta – electrical issue – short in the wiring harness in the driver side door
2) 2006 Jetta – check engine light came on during cold weather
3) 2009 Jetta – brake problems – ABS module failure
4) 2010 Jetta – electrical issues – radio and stereo problems
5) 2014 Jetta could experience engine stall while driving

Naturally, just because other Volkswagen Jetta owners ran into these problems does not mean that your vehicle will experience them. But it is good to be forewarned.

Moreover, at Made in Europe, we suggest following Volkswagen recommended maintenance schedule. When you bring your vehicle to Made in Europe, we will not only perform maintenance as specified by Volkswagen, but will also provide you with the results of a complimentary digital vehicle inspection, so you know the overall health of your vehicle. If your Jetta (or another VW you might own) needs some TLC, give us a call.